Meet Denise Turner

A Little About Me

I am a lover of all things jewelry. I fell in love with creating art as a child and walked many roads exploring new mediums untilĀ settling with jewelry design. Along the way I’ve taught myself, learned from teachers, videos, and peers what it takes to create a career out of a hobby.

I have two wonderful sons, an amazing husband, live in a phenomenal place, and absolutely love what I do. I create jewelry in my home studio always a dream away from the next fresh idea. I love my family bond and try to express that in my personalized jewelry. I try to absorb the wants and needs of my clientele, ensuring one gets exactly what they have in mind, or better. Surrounding us here on Roanoke Island is a special environment, where I draw my thoughts from the island, laughter from my sons, and the peace from the sea meeting the sound. A wonderful doorway into nature and the arts that keeps me moving into the fabulous future.

I started my jewelry journey by making friendship bracelets in grade school. I moved on to hemp jewelry in my teens, and soon took up beading to fund my travels. Thanks to a good friend and extreme patience, a hobby blossomed into a welcomed obsession. Excited about creating my own beads and pendants, I decided to try Precious Metal Clay (PMC). But,soon left it behind to pursue other things. After a long break from the medium I was reintroduced to it by a fellow artist.

More recently, I have been highly fascinated with new designs of rings and pendants of fine silver. I have learned new techniques and tricks and am ready to try them out. I’ve also enjoyed taking forming, CAD, design, and production classes from College of the Albemarle.

I appreciate and rely on a strong circle of family and friends that give me guidance and inspiration for my new collections. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share my style and joy of accessorizing and definitely see my art as a give and take. It is with great pleasure that this year I have added an assistant. Mandy Bartell is not new to design, her drawings have transformed into jewelry recently. It is our desire to put our ideas to good use, mesh them with yours, and if we are lucky, end up with an awesome piece of jewelry that will make someones day.


I hope it’s yours !
Denise L. Turner


My Specialties

  • Fine Silver 85% 85%
  • Beading 65% 65%
  • PMC 96% 96%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%

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